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(Updated 1/21/17)Heres my 1992 Futura mass-market (187 pages), which isnt listed here. Not quite as nifty as that 1955 edition up top, but unless anyone has an extra $60 lying around that they could do without, I guess Ill just have to stick with this one.Without a doubt one of the three or four best classic -era noir novels Ive ever read, Pick-Up is a bleak, heartbreaking story about a newly-met alcoholic couple who are seemingly doomed, spending their days and nights in various bars drinking themselves into oblivion in order to forget the world and their lives. Its like watching a car accident, in that as much as you may want to look away, you cant. I found myself connecting with these two right away, becoming wrapped up in their lives and really rooting for them to make it work, which is astonishing considering the entire novel is less than 200 pages, and is a testament to Willefords proficiency at characterization. The descriptions of the seedier side of San Francisco in the 50s really pulled me in as well, and added to the depressing and hopeless atmosphere. Willeford has a clean, unobtrusive prose-style that disappears while reading, allowing the reader to become fully enveloped in the story, a story that kept me glued to the pages til the final, game-changing line. Highly recommended for any and all fans of noir.5 Stars.

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