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Theyre stars apart, and itll take a risk as big as the solar system to bring them together... The Moment Cassandra saw Zarak, projected via hologram from a million miles away, she knew he was the one. Shed met four other potential matches with the Celestial Mates matchmaking agency, and theyd all been wrong for her. But Zarak -- he was perfect. There was only one problem: He wasnt the man Celestial Mates had chosen for her. Instead, shed been matched with Rollox, the Overlord of Zaraks planet, and one of the most vile, despicable men in the universe. Whats a lovesick and Earthbound single girl to do? Theres only one solution, and its a dangerous one. Cassandra has to agree to meet an evil galactic dictator who wants her to have his babies -- all for the chance to share a few secret, stolen moments with the gorgeous alien of her dreams. Her Celestial Mates matchmaker may have gotten it wrong, but Cassandra knows shes found Mr. Right. And shes willing risk anything to feel his arms around her. Stars Apart is a standalone book in the Celestial Mates shared sci-fi world. This sci-fi romance features a scorching hot and hopelessly romantic alien, a secret love affair, action and danger, NO CLIFFHANGERS, and a well-deserved HEA.

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